Our Little Cousin, Brittany

My first ever Instagram photo was of my little cousin, Brittany. She was just over four months when this photo was taken, in March of 2014.

Later that summer, I went up to the cottage to spend some time with my cousin and I couldn't believe how much she'd grown in just a few short months!

A few months later, we saw her again just after Christmas.

It's been almost a year since I've last seen her (not including Facebook photos!) and when we finally saw her in person last weekend for a family birthday, our hearts melted.

It was amazing to see how big, and how beautiful she's gotten!


It's safe to say that she was the center of attention at the gathering.

When she was just a year old, she was a very timid little girl. In short: she cried if you went near her and took a little fit if you were anyone but her parents or someone she was used to (like her grandmother).

At just over two years old though, she's changed dramatically.

In fact, she's become quite the social butterfly!

She took a huge liking to our aunt's piano, which she probably would have been too shy to go near last year.

I never was able to get one photo with her last year but this year, I finally got my wish.

We were looking at the Christmas tree in this one. She loves Christmas trees!

We spent most of the evening just playing with her. She made us laugh and tired us out!

And loved all the little Christmas toys scattered about.

Our first ever selfie with her! And many more to come :)