Happy Friday: A Weekend of Birthdays, A Christmas Concert & Sights of the Season

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the end of your week is as smooth as can be! I can hardly believe it's the first weekend in December coming up: I really gotta start knacking down on my Christmas cards, gift list and marking down dates on my calendar. It can certainly start to feel overwhelming, but exciting too! Hope you enjoy today's Happy Friday!

A Weekend of Birthdays

Last weekend was all about birthdays. On Saturday night, we went down to a fun karaoke pub called the Fox and the Fiddle for our friend, Burke's birthday.

I never did get around to actually singing anything (despite the fact that someone put my name in there...)

Probably for the best! It was a great night without having to put others (and myself) through that kind of humiliation.

The next day when I wrote about our little cousin, Brittany, we were at my aunt's place celebrating her big 50th.

She decorated the place up so nicely, I couldn't help snapping a picture of every little thing (Oh, the life of a blogger, right?)

A Christmas Concert

For the past few years, I've gone to see my cousin Jacob and the music department at my old high school put on a Christmas concert for the parents and friends.

I love going to these every year and since Jacob is in his last year of high school, I know these shows really matter.

He's the cello player (beside the one in the Santa hat).

The choir was astounding, too!

Jacob also took part in this just off to the side with some other bass players.

And it was directed by one of my favourite former teachers, Mr. K.

These two did the narrations throughout the play and were so funny and entertaining.

That's a wrap!

I loved the Christmas tree they placed in the forum. In all the years I attended high school, I actually don't remember a tree in this area of the school but it looked great!

Just in the entrance of the chapel, they had the manger scene with some little twinkle lights.

Sights of the Season Officially Beginning

With December 1st this past Tuesday, I've really been noticing the sights of the season coming into full effect! While doing some Christmas shopping in the mall the other day, we came across a giant sparkling Christmas bulb located right in the middle of one of the hallways.

We caught the live lighting of the Rockefeller Tree on TV the other night.

Been noticing some crazy decorated houses in the area (they must be related to the Griswold's!)

(These pictures really don't do them justice; these houses were crazy lit up with synchronized, blinking lights!)

Switched over my favourite Trisha Romance calendar to the last picture.

And even though we still haven't gotten around to putting up our Christmas decoration quite yet, I picked up this faux frosted wreath from the dollar store the other day to hang on my door. I love it because the white frost stands out against the wood quite nicely.


And there you have it! Wishing you all wonderful weekends! Anyone got any fun plans?