Happy Cozy Sunday! ~ Sharing Last Weekend's Fun

Happy cozy Sunday, everyone! My work day on Friday was so busy that I didn't have a chance to whip up my weekly 'Happy Friday' posts so here's one for Sunday! What's the weather like in your area? It's December and normally in Canada that calls for chilly winds and snowflakes. We've had such mild weather this week and to top it off, it's raining! I'm definitely not complaining for the absence of cold weather, but a bit of light snow would make everything feel that much more Christmasy around here. Plus, we've been so busy getting our lake shore house up for its spring sale that we've been a bit slow with our own Christmas decorations - but I promise you, they're coming!

A Surprise Birthday

Last weekend, we made a surprise birthday visit for our cousin Jenny, who just turned 23. Some of her closest friends put together a little surprise party for her and when they asked us to join in, we couldn't say no!

While Jenny was at work, they decorated up the place so nicely!

We came a bit later, so unfortunately missed the surprise part. But she wasn't expecting us either!

You can imagine how happy she was!

Even their dog, Sammers was loving all the surprise fun.

Her friends were so sweet. As soon as we got there, we were bombarded by endless food and played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

They even got her one of the yummiest cakes I'd ever had!

The boys attempted a funny photo shoot with the birthday girl:

Uh oh!

There we go! Fixed up her birthday crown:

And finally got a decent photo!

Lake Shore House Hang-Outs 

My parents' lake shore house is coming along so nicely before it officially goes up on the market this spring. In fact, my parents are letting Brian and I stay there whenever we want in the meantime and we've definitely been enjoying ourselves! We're seeing this all as a bit of a "trial experience" before we get a place of our own one day.

My dad found this working TV at the side of the road and so the other night, Brian and I went over and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It definitely felt like our own place and we really enjoyed having some peace and quiet to ourselves.

My uncle works in construction and has been over a lot too helping out with things. While taking a break, him and Brian were so into this movie that they really couldn't make much sense of it. This picture makes me laugh!

We love the little backyard too! It may look small but it's quite spacious and luckily has some good parking space.

We also really like the area and have been taking any opportunity we can to walk around the neighbourhood and go down by the lake.

It really was so peaceful!

In the summer time, this park is normally packed with kids! But on this chilly December afternoon, there were just a few people out taking walks like us and walking their dogs.

We're really looking forward to having some morning walks along here once the holidays come rolling around.

All-You-Can-Eat Sushi (with a bad stomach ache afterwards!)

Now that it's the holidays, we've really been trying to squeeze in time to see some friends and catch-up. The other night, we went out to meet our two friends - Daniel and Daniel! - for an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

At the time coming here, we were absolutely starved so we quickly stuffed our faces. Bad idea. The food was delicious but I had the worst stomach ache after!

It was still worth it for a nice dinner with these two. It's always great to catch up with them and I can never stop laughing when I'm around them!

And now I'm off to enjoy the rest of this cozy Sunday! Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend! :)