Happy Friday: Celebrating Andrea's Birthday & It's the Holidays!!

Happy Friday, everybody!! I'm so excited that this Friday is finally here. Exactly one more week until Christmas and that means some much needed time off for the holidays. Who else is excited?! :)


It seems like there's been a lot of birthdays lately; what it is with the November and December months? Between that, and holiday fun - with even more coming up - I'm about ready to get a holiday from the holidays ;)

Andrea's Birthday

Last weekend, my sister celebrated her 23rd birthday. It was on a Saturday this year, and that meant a great excuse to go out with some friends.   

We had a little pre-drink at our place:

And then went to one of our favourite bars in the city.

At one point, a few of us went on the dance floor and then down to the bottom level to listen to the "Piano Man" (a really talented pianist who typically plays oldies, like a night out at Clintons).


On the Sunday, we had a "quiet" dinner with both our grandmother's. But with those two around, it's hardly anything but quiet.

My Nonna in particular, takes a liking to Brian.

(Maybe judging by this picture, it doesn't look that :) )

We had some tasty soup, pasta, chicken, salad, and some cake and coffee for dessert.

It felt nice to huddle around the TV after with bellies stuffed and watch some White Christmas.


We also managed to make it out to the Toronto Christmas Market last weekend!

I'll share more about that on the blog next week :)

I can hardly wait until the day is over! I have a bit more Christmas shopping to finish up, cards to hand out, and lots of food to devour.

I hope you all enjoy this Friday and any upcoming holiday fun!!