Quiet, Sunny Mornings

For quite a few weeks now, it's been nothing but go-go-go in the mornings and any day I might have had "off." Work was quite busy, the Christmas holidays arrived in full force, and even after the holidays were over I was thrown into a crazy two-week work assignment that caused me to come home every night completely wiped out. I looked forward to those weekends where we could spend it at the lake shore house, but I even found myself coming home quickly on a Friday night rushing to pack and almost every time, forgetting something to bring along (one time, I forgot my own pajamas!) As peaceful and serene as our lake shore weekends are, there's something to be said about waking up in your own bed. I'd been kind of exhausted lately and today, was thrilled when I could finally take a day off. I slept in, woke up to warm coffee on the stove and beautiful winter sunshine in a quiet house.


Winter has finally arrived and in our house, that usually means our cats are very torn on spending some time outside or not:


Instead, Ringa perched a seat on her favourite window-seat.


She looked nice and relaxed among the sun rays :)


And then decided to keep me "company" as I started to blog.


Mornings like this are rare and ones I truly treasure. Sometimes, you just need that day off during the week to help keep your sanity in check ;)