Happy Friday: A Quiet, {Winter-Bluesy} Kinda Week

Happy Friday friends! Normally I have some photos and a little story to share with you guys, but I'm having lousy internet connection right now and not able to upload anything. Hopefully I won't have this issue next week!

Plus, there's not much to report on this week; it was a quiet one! I worked, and then after work found myself either cuddled up in front of the TV, made a quick trip down to the lake shore house, and did some shopping last night with a friend. I guess that's a bit of the winter blues, for you! I've also been slowly working on fixing the broken links that happened when I imported my blog to A Cozy Space. It's a slow, steady process but once it's done, everything will be up and running, 100% :)

Since I'm not able to upload any photos right now, I thought I'd leave you with this one, one of my favourite images from Pinterest:


I went to a small library during my lunch break today and found a nice, quiet seat by the sunny window and started a Sophie Kinsella book I hadn't read yet. It was my favourite kinda bliss.

It's the weekend once again and I couldn't be happier! We hope to make another little run down to the lake shore house, cook some more dinner and overall, relax with some sparkling wine and a DVD.

What will you be up to this weekend? Hope you have a good one!