Favourite Movies & TV Shows for Valentine's Day

It seems I've been on a roll this past year for listing my favourite movies and TV shows for occasions like Halloween and Christmas. Wouldn't you know that I have to do one for Valentine's Day, too!


I definitely enjoy the classic lovey-dovey movies most would probably consider top choices for the romantic day, like Titanic, The Notebook and P.S. I Love You. But for Valentine's Day? I like to let my inner-cheesiness come out and enjoy movies that are more "light" and the romantic comedy type. Accompanied with a glass of wine and maybe some chocolate hearts, what better way to spend an evening? Here is a small list of some of those Rom-Coms I enjoy!:

When Harry Met Sally


I haven't seen this movie in years! Not that long ago, I caught it on TV and was hooked. I've been keeping my eyes open in the stores to purchase this DVD should I come across it; a classic!

He's Just Not That Into You


Before seeing this on TV, I assumed this was just one of those movies with an all-star cast that was kind of all just slapped together. And to be honest, it is. But! it has an intriguing plot line (unlike others such as Valentine's Day). Some get happy endings in this one and others aren't so lucky - and it definitely keeps you guessing! It's perfect for a laid back evening in, over a yummy home cooked meal.

50 First Dates


It's light, it's funny, and Drew Barrymore melts your heart away in this cute story.

The Wedding Singer


Almost fifteen years earlier, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler first starred together in this hit romantic comedy set in the 80s. It's Adam Sandler rocking a mullet and lots of bad fun 80s music!

Something Borrowed


Hands down: the book is way better than the film (I thought so, at least!) But this movie is so light and Kate Hudson is hilarious, you can't help getting slightly seduced in and wondering how it's going to turn out.

Lost in Translation


Another movie I haven't seen in years yet, another classic. It's Bill Murray; enough said ;)

The F Word

The F Word

If there was ever an "indie" way to tell a love story (does that term still even exist?) then this movie would take the cake! Referring to the Friendship Zone, it's a lovely, hip-kinda story starring Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe and now the popular Adam Driver. Plus it takes place in Toronto - my home town - so you can bet how exciting is being able to recognize places you've walked by a million times before.

Fever Pitch


It seems I like Drew Barrymore a lot in these rom-coms! Brian likes to say Fever Pitch slightly reminds him of us: Jimmy Fallon is an over-obsessed Red Sox fan, getting his new girlfriend, Barrymore, hooked into the game as well. But he's so hooked on this baseball team that he has trouble committing to a real relationship! Thankfully, we haven't run into that problem yet...

The OC, S.1 Valentine's Day Episode: "The Heartbreak"


If you know me by now then you know I've been a huge fan of the O.C. ever since it first aired. Every year, I always make a note to watch Season's 1 Valentine's episode; I can never get enough of it, from Seth claiming he was "Nemo, and just wanted to go home" to the pretty red and pink dresses Marissa and Summer sport at the Singles' Gala Dance, to Ryan Adams' version of  Wonderwall ending the episode.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown


It seems my lists are never complete unless there's a Charlie Brown appearance made! You can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy sometimes. However much of a downer he may be, he somehow manages to remain likeable and wouldn't you just wanna send him a V-day card so he feels a smidge better about himself? :)

Laguna Beach, S. 2: "I Hate Valentine's Day"


Can you say the ultimate guilty pleasure / cheesy to the max? I can't get enough of Laguna's second season back when Lauren Conrad was just starting to make it big. The title, "I Hate Valentine's Day" speaks for itself!: watch the nightmare-couple of Jessica and Jason experience their most awkward Valentine's Day date ever (and then break up by the end of the episode!) while Stephen Colletti continues to two-time Kristin and Lauren; what else is new in the lives of the rich and fabulous, right? :)

And that's my list! This weekend, we actually plan on watching Love, Actually and Stupid, Crazy, Love. I've heard great things about both movies and I'm sure they'll probably both make the list next year!


What are your favourite love-struck movies?