Happy Friday!: A Winter Funk Kinda-Week with Pink Blossomed Orchids To Help!

Happy Friday, everyone! :) I can't tell you how thrilled I am that it's the end of the week. I know we've had a shorter week due to the long weekend but I guess because we want the weekend that much sooner, it feels like it takes forever!

My work week has been a bit hectic so I haven't had a chance to show you guys the lovely spring stationary I purchased the other week.


I'll make a mental note to do that for next week's post!

With a hectic work week, came fairly quiet and cozy winter evenings; I came home, relaxed, did some exercises here and there, and caught up on some I Love Lucy episodes. In other words: not too much to report! One thing that did add some cheer to the winter funk was how much the pink orchids have blossomed:


They look absolutely gorgeous! Just looking at them makes me forget that it's cold and windy outside. It's a nice preview to the spring that's to come.


This is pretty much my current mood right now:


I think Ringa captured it just right ;)



Wishing you all lovely and relaxing weekends! I know I'll be sleeping in good tomorrow :)