Exploring Trails Down By the Shoreline

This past weekend was one of the quieter ones I had in a long time: I had no real errands to run or deadlines that needed to be done, so with spring-like conditions outside, I made a beeline for the Lake Shore House early Saturday.


Brian normally works Saturday afternoons so I packed myself up a book, gathered some movies, and headed straight for the outdoors almost as soon as I arrived. I knew this warm weather couldn't last too long so I made sure to take advantage while I could.


From these photos, it looks like no one was out and about that day - but I assure you, there was! Kids were playing in the park and people were walking their dogs. I guess I just happened to capture all the shots where people missed the frame, making it all look like a ghost-town.


Down by the lake was always breathtaking, especially with the sun out glistening among the waters.


This picture hardly does it justice, but the whole Toronto skyline was completely clear that day thanks to the sunshine and minimal clouds. It almost looked like a professionally done photograph as opposed to the real thing.


I took a seat on one of the far-off benches and literally just sat there listening to the waves and feeling the warmth of the sun. I totally get why this is one of the best forms of stress-relieve therapy!


Can you imagine living in one of the houses and waking up to that beautiful view every morning?



A little later on I actually walked back to the Shore house, picked up my library book, and went to another little park just down the street. I hadn't realized just how warm it was and I couldn't wait to get some reading done outdoors.


For the next little bit, this was my view as I contently read.


Sooner rather than later, the winds started to pick up a little. I walked back to the house, made myself a pot of coffee, and took a cozy seat on the back deck while wrapping myself in a giant sweater and warm slippers.


Brian was off work Sunday evening, so just when the sun was about to set before dinner time, we headed out on another lakeshore trail.


Once we approached the lake, we couldn't believe how calm the water was!


It was a little on the chilly side that evening, but the lake showed no signs of a light breeze.


Again, these photos looked as if there was no one around! But there were a ton of dogs out that night, running along the trails and playing catch with their owners. Pathways like these reminded me of the trails I had taken before at Forks of the Credit in Orangeville.


The other side of the lake proved to be a frozen pond.


Once again, there was a beautiful view of the city skyline in the distance.


As well as signs pointing to different trail locations, one including Niagara Falls!


With that, we started to head back for some dinner. The sun was starting to set and the air was getting colder.


We huddled to keep warm!


Just before leaving the path, we came across a whole swarm of ducks, swans and Canadian geese at the edge of the shoreline.


We figured there must have food or something going on for all of them to gather like that in one spot. It may not look like it from here, but they certainly were making a lot of noise!


We came back to a beautiful sunset and pink skies promising another sunny day in the morning.



Taking a little Sunday stroll down a nice road is one of my favourite ways to end off a weekend. I wish all Sundays could end like that!