Happy Friday!: Dealing With the Cold {Brrr!}

Happy Friday, everyone! It's chilly but the sun is shining and the weekend is upon us. Can I get a woot-woot? I hope everyone's been having a nice week!


We finally got a big dose of the winter-feel this week in Ontario. Snow, freezing rain and strong winds. So strong, that you can see our little bird bath is tipped over from this view in the backyard!


The cats longingly looked on from indoors, wishing for the warm weather and sunny skies. It'll be here soon enough, guys!


Last week, I mentioned how I wanted to show you my recent spring stationary purchases from Chapters. Just the sight of these sitting on my desk makes me forget for a second that it's a cold tundra outside.


I love paper weights and couldn't' resist this: "Live life in full bloom" one.


I tend to keep a lotta lose papers and notes piled up from my work week. I bought this mini spring clipboard to help keep everything in place. It also came with a fresh batch of writing notes with the title, "fresh day, fresh start" written on top.


And I splurged for a nice new notebook as well :)


Marianne from Don't Burst My Bubble gave me the idea to keep a "grateful notebook" so that's what I've been using this one for. Writing is therapeutic for me and I love keeping track of the things that make me feel happy throughout my work weeks.



In my room, I swapped out my pink roses from Valentine's Day and traded them for bright yellow flowers with a few white accents.


Apologies for the poor quality! Just a few more weeks with my current camera phone and then I'm due for an upgrade. I'm really hoping this helps improve the quality of my photographs for the blog.


All this recent blustery cold weather has made the air extremely dry, especially in my bedroom. So I took my little humidifier I bought last year and placed it beside my bed. At night, I keep it on while I read or when I'm watching TV; it makes all the difference!


I've also recently been drinking lots of lemon water. A few days ago, it felt like I was catching a cold but then miraculously, it seemed to fade away. *knock on wood, of course* To help keep the bug off, I've been sipping on this drink for the last few days. Lemon water has a ton of health benefits and keeps you feeling hydrated, too.


And wouldn't you know it, but my hands have been majorly dry as well! I always keep some mini creams on me from Bath and Body Works. At home, I use my favourite hand lotion from Victoria's Secret, Endless Love. It smells like fresh apples and blossoms!


Ever since I took yoga, I'd always been meaning to buy some aromatherapy oils. In class, our teacher would come around at the end and sprinkle some lavender and peppermint oils on our shoulders, and it just left you feeling so fresh and relaxed. I was out at a local pharmacy one day and made a note to pick up a eucalyptus scent. I hear the Body Shop also sells some great massage oils!


To keep the winter blues at bay, I also love taking some time in my evenings to look at different Instagrams with lovely photographs. One of my favourite accounts is Holly at @seekingthelovely. Her pictures always look so relaxing and leave me feeling rejuvenated. Definitely check her out!:


This week, Brian and I also booked an upcoming trip! In just a few short weeks, we'll be in a much warmer climate for a few days. It's pretty much the only thing getting me through my long and wintery work days lately.


Cartney and I are wishing you a wonderful weekend! Any special plans going on? Anyone tuning into the Oscars?? (or catching 'Fuller House' on Netflix?)