An Idea for an Earring Holder

For awhile now, I'd been looking for some unique way to display my earrings in a way where they were all pinned and paired off together nicely. After doing some cleaning the other week, I decided to use this little woven basket I got from the dollar store last year. Originally, I bought it to store my make-up in but realized it worked a lot better as an earring holder. IMAG4137[1]

The material made it super easy, that all I had to do was literally poke the earrings into the basket. Not only was it simple and the earrings stayed in place, but I could finally see all my earrings nicely on display. There were many I forgot I even had!


Before, all the earrings were stored on a nice jewellery plate, like my mom's shown down below. It may have made for the simple way out, but most days I found myself turning to the same pair of hoops to wear out of convenience or couldn't be bothered to find the other stud buried amongst the others.


But now, I can easily see them all!


Inside the basket, I keep any loose articles like hair ties, bracelets and watches in place. It makes for a great two-for-one deal!


I keep all my earring-backings and other little charms inside this heart-shaped box from my cousin.


Before, my dresser looked more cluttered:


Now it's looking more clean and organized, thanks to the woven basket now-turned earring holder!


Do you have any other ways you store your jewellery? If so, let me know in the comments! Also, Happy March!! :)