Happy Friday & Happy {so far, snowy} March!

Happy Friday, lovelies! If I didn't know any better, I swear I'd be sleeping in so well right now. Ontario saw us waking up to more grey skies and snowy conditions this morning. It's hard to believe it's technically March right now!


The rest of the day is supposed to show a "few flurries" with the weekend clearing up a little bit. Spring can't come soon enough!


I love the month of March though. There's always a ton of things I look forward to. Just to name a few:

St. Patrick's Day!


And the décor that comes along with it:


A  little spring break and relaxation.


The fist day of spring!


The days are getting longer and daylight savings begins.


It may mean losing an extra hour of sleep, but the trade off is longer days of light :)

There's a few birthdays going on - two of my best gal pals, Michelle and Somya.

Image (64) 12036561_10153738113114182_8413419555869435217_n.jpg for post 6417

And a few extra things this month too:

In a few weeks, Brian and I are seeing Rain, the fabulous Beatles tribute band!


{Do you like my talented Paint-editing skills?} 

Easter is way earlier this year, taking place at the end of March.


And Brian and I are headed off on a warm trip for a few days to visit an old friend and catch the pre-season baseball games!


March - you're shaping up to look like a good one! ~~ What are you looking forward to this month? Hope you have a great weekend!!