Enjoying Warmer Temperatures in a Whirl-Wind of a Week

Happy rainy Thursday here in Ontario today! How's everyone's week been going? What's the weather like where you live? We've had typical Canadian weather the past few weeks. Only last Friday I was writing about the big snow fall we got. Wouldn't you believe it that a couple of days ago, we had weather like this:


Snow nearly melted, bright skies, and you could go outside in just a thin sweater. I love feeling light and airy!


The cats love this weather too, and you can bet they are always looking for excuses to get some fresh air. In fact, sneaky-Cartney briefly snuck out of the house the other day and got loose for about ten minutes before we found him in a neighbour's yard!


He's snuck out before and thankfully, we have always been lucky enough to find him nearby *knock on wood.* We're always hoping we never have to re-live the time a couple of years ago when we lost him for nearly five months! I mean, just look at that orange fluff; losing him again like that would be heart-breaking.


Advertising online eventually helped us find him! I'm always trying to get the word out to use helpinglostpets.com if you've lost a pet. You can also sign up on their mailing list to get notifications for pets that are lost around your area.


Our community was so helpful to our family when Cartney went missing and we like doing the same thing for other families if we can.


Have you ever worked an on-call job before? It's what I've currently been doing for almost two years now. There's not too much I like about it, but it's pretty much the equivalent of being on contract until you land something permanent. This past week has been pretty slow in terms of the calls, so I've been doing what I can to make the most of it (again, poor Brian always has to see me at my best!)


I try to keep positive in the mornings as I enjoy a quiet house, a cup of coffee, and absorb myself in a good book.

Days always feel better too when Brian's family serves my ultimate favourite form of indulgences: lots of cheese and salami!



Yesterday, I was sad to hear of another musical icon come to pass. (Seriously, what is it with 2016?!) Legendary George Martin, who was the Beatles' producer, passed away in his sleep at the age of 90.


I was lucky enough to obtain his autograph a couple of years ago, just from writing him a fan letter. I'm always so appreciative of those who take the time to personalize things by writing my full name (and spelling it correctly!) It is something I will continue to treasure. <3

I'm so excited that tomorrow is Friday! It's just been a whirl-wind of a week. I'll leave you with one of my favourite images from an Instagram account I just started following called littlebirdcottage:


I just changed this beauty to my Facebook cover photo and am loving it so far. Hope everyone's been having a nice day! :)