March Break Adventures

Last week was March Break (also known as Mid-winter Break) and I think it's safe to say that there was the perfect mixture of seeing friends, celebrating some birthdays, and just down-right relaxation. The weather may not have been the greatest, but any opportunity to have some time away from work and out of a hectic routine is always one well spent in my books ;)

One of my best girlfriends, Michelle, celebrated her 27th birthday.


I used to see this gal almost every other day for the past seven years at our part-time job - and I can't tell you how much I miss her! She always says the funniest things and has me cracking up even if I'm having the worst of days. It felt like old times again to be going out.


We took our traditional pictures in our front hallway.


And maybe had a bit too much fun with it :) I love these candid moments!


Then went off to Clinton's pub for the night to celebrate '90s night! From here, the pictures were pretty scarce.


Except for this hilarious selfie my sister managed to get.



On Tuesday night, Brian and I saw a wonderful Beatles tribute band called Rain (you may have heard of them??)


I've seen quite a few Beatles tribute bands, and Rain is by far one of the best I've seen. I highly recommend them!


Thursday was of course, St. Patrick's Day! I wrote a brief post on how I went out during the day to meet my cousin and aunt for a pint of green beer.


At night, I met Brian and some friends at a local pub called Loons. Bars can get packed and almost impossible to get in on St. Paddys, so I was happy to see we managed to snag a table. As you can see, the place was pretty busy as it was!


I only realized till afterwards that I barely took any photos; especially considering I was my usual, decked-out self! The best I managed to get was a failed selfie of myself with Dave and Brian.


Somehow though, I was able to get a hilarious one of Chris and a very tall Guinness hat.


Elisa and Libby actually won these - the only gal pals at the table who were able to do so ;) Quite stylish, aren't they?


Since the other side of Brian's family is completely Irish, they go all out (even more than me) and continued the festivities over the weekend with a big party at their place.


We just came back from a huge Italian dinner (quite the counter-opposite!) and yet, the temptation was everywhere to keep snacking...


I loved the simple and creative idea of these dyed-green shamrock sugar cookies. They definitely added to the whole go-green feel.


They even dressed up their adorable little Sadie. She was the sweetest!


The St. Patrick's Day party also happened to fall on the same day as Brian's dad's birthday (and wouldn't you believe it - earlier that week, was Brian's mom's birthday...a lotta birthdays in just a short span of time!) I was only able to catch the ending of everybody's Happy Birthday rendition to Joe:


And he got himself a very tasty fruity cheesecake the next day after dinner. Yum!


After a well spent March Break, the perfect end was a walk with Brian around the neighbourhood on Sunday night, followed by a Paul McCartney documentary (for a fellow Beatles lover!) and a new episode of Hollywood Medium, my new favourite show! I think Cartney and Lenny captured the feels of this to a tee:


Happy Wednesday! Did you have a bit of a spring break? How did you celebrate it?