Fajita Stuffed Chicken

Brian and I were lucky enough to spend the last couple of days at the Lakeshore house. Between our recent trip from Florida (which I'm still in the process of blogging about!) and being busy with birthday parties and get-togethers, we hadn't made a visit in almost a month! Between our jobs picking up and the weather finally getting a little nicer, we packed our bags and were on our way.

The other night, Brian made a yummy recipe he came across on a Facebook link and decided to try it out: Fajita Stuffed Chicken!


It was a different and certainly delicious spin to chicken, melted with some cheese bits and peppers.


We bought some chicken breasts, seasoned them with some spices and kept them in the fridge over night.


The peppers were sliced up and cooked on the stove.


Once they were cooked, Brian stuffed the chicken breasts with the cheese bits and added them to the pan.


Once they were cooked - voilà!


The melted cheese and pepper bits made for a mouthwatering and exquisite flavour.


We paired it off with some Greek salad and enjoyed a very yummy late-night dinner!