28 Things I Would Tell Myself at 18

Today marks my 28th birthday! Rather than slightly freaking out again over the fact that I'm that much closer to 30, I thought I'd write something more...happy? After all, you don't celebrate birthdays for nothing! Here I'm sharing 28 things I've learned in the past ten years that I wish I could go back and tell my 18-year old self.


^^ Me at 18!

1.) Don't stress too much about the future! Everything you've dreamed of - will happen. 2.) It's true what they say: happiness is a choice. Do little things for yourself to achieve that bliss!


3.) Never give up your hobbies.


4.) I promise you one day - you will get out of Metro! (my old part-time grocery store job! I was there for 8 years and never thought I'd see the end!)


^^ My first full-time job, that I loved! To this day, I still miss it and often wish I was back there. I left it to pursue another job opportunity but still always miss my days there.

5.) The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Enjoy what you have now!

6.) People aren't always nice, but the way they treat you has nothing to do with you.

7.) Live in the moment!

8.) Continue to follow your dreams. People will always tell you otherwise and tell you why you "cannot" do something. Don't listen to them!


9.) Vodka isn't always a good idea. Consider switching to sparkling wine for a better taste and less of a headache the next morning ;)


10.) Keep up the work-outs! They will only continue to pay off as time goes on.

11.) Focus more on your happiness, not what other people "think" will make you happy.


12.) University isn't for everybody (but you'll still somehow get by ;) And then the struggle to find a job...)


13.) You'll get your license one day :)

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14.) Friendships will continue to evolve and some may surprise you!

15.) Kraft Dinner is still the best go-to.


16.) To help your skin TREMENDOUSLY, invest in the Foreo Luna Mini from Sephora (a little cleansing, vibrating tool!) It may be a bit pricey but I PROMISE you, it'll help a ton! (Most skin places won't even tell you about this awesome little product).

17.) You may feel young now, but time really does fly. Enjoy every minute of it.


18.) Your appetite will change a lot once you hit 25 (hello to craving grilled sandwiches and salad suddenly?? #oldfoogie)


19.) Guess what - Paul McCartney will eventually come to Toronto and YOU WILL SEE HIM! (TWICE!) Just don't bother asking Ellen DeGeneres if you can meet him...

20.) Don't waste your money on school text books. Seriously. You'll get by ;)


21.) Being close to 30 is a little scary, but you'll still be young enough to be a goof. No pressure at all :)


22.) You still won't find a show like the O.C.


^^ My Uncle Brian passed away in January 2014 after years of battling multiple sclerosis

23.) Hug Uncle Brian extra tight the next time you see him.

24.) You still need to book that trip to London. Get on that!


25.) MSN Messenger won't be around forever; enjoy it before it goes!! (Don't worry, there'll be another, more convenient way to message people constantly. They're called cell phones).

26.) Take deep breaths when you're feeling overwhelmed (or getting blood tests and look away!) You're less likely to faint this way, or feel a panic attack coming on (which are completely harmless, by the way!!)

27.) It's perfectly okay to ask for help in anything life tosses at you.


28.) Keep smiling, keep dreaming, keep going.


Do you have any special words of advice you'd go back and tell your younger self??