Meeting a Blue Jay on a Whim

Last week, Brian and I were enjoying some time off at the Lakeshore House when I got a text message from my sister saying: "Marcus Stroman will be downtown tomorrow signing autographs. GO!"


For those who may not know, Marcus Stroman is one of the Blue Jays' top pitchers, and one of my favourite players. I remember how upset I was just this past fall when I was stuck at work and my sister got to meet him completely on a whim. She was just at the right place at the right time, and I was livid at myself for not getting down there in time to get an autographed hat with her!


Now, I had a chance!

Marcus Stroman was going to be signing autographs for exactly one hour at a Canadian tech store to help promote a new video game coming out, where he was featured on the cover.


The next morning, Brian and I got up nice and early, had some breakfast, and used my first free Uber ride to get downtown with two whole hours to spare. So what did we do? We stood in line.


How loyal fans were we?

But we were excited too! As you can see, we were very close to the front of the line. Outside, that is. There was also a bit of a line-up inside the store, but it was kept limited as to not disturb the shoppers and customers. We knew we were 100% going to meet this guy.


As the time came closer, news coverage started piling up on the area, such as this CTV van. I found it amazing that they were able just to pull up on the middle of the side walk!


And the reporters stood directly behind us as they interviewed some enthusiastic fans.


Finally, we made it inside! The vibe was buzzy and exciting.


Then, I was next!


I was a tad nervous, but mostly excited! Marcus was a real class act in person. I told him I loved his Snapchats and he chuckled as he signed a baseball. I was so grateful Brian captured this moment:


And Marcus took this selfie of us, which I loved.


My sister didn't spot this until a day later, but she had to come in my room and wake me when she spotted this collage on Marcus' Twitter


I had somehow made the collage-cut from this R.B.I. Baseball 16 Twitter account - which Marcus Stroman had retweeted.


I was absolutely blown away - and couldn't stop laughing. It was just too hilarious and random! Brian and I had gone to this completely on a whim and as a result, I wasn't sporting any Blue Jays attire or anything. And yet, they somehow decided to use this picture as part of their collage! - with Marcus re-tweeing it! It was just too funny, random and quite unbelievable to put into words. So I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more :D

And also got a nice autograph keepsake out of it.


Pretty cool, huh?! :D

After two hours of waiting in line in the cold, with all the anticipation!, we were pretty spent so we treated ourselves to a yummy lunch at Fran's. Perfect!



Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!!