Welcome to the New and Improved Blog!

Good morning, everyone! Hope you're all having just a splendid ol' Tuesday. 

You may have noticed that I've been slightly off the blog-map for the past week. When really, I was working behind the scenes to figure out what I wanted for my new design and layout! It took some research, lots of emails being sent back and forth, and online chats with the helpers of Squarespace (both them, and the people of Wordpress have been amazing in this transition process!)

I'm so pleased with the final product! As you can see, it still pretty much reflects what the blog looked like before - just a bit more updated. And there are some broken links and images I gotta go through so just bear with me as I continue to figure out the kinks and hiccups. 

In the meantime: welcome to the new Cozy Space! Please let me know what you guys think about it and if you have any questions. I'll be back to my ol' blogging routine in no time now :)