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A Cozy Space is a journal-blog I began in 2014 as a hobby and outlet I needed to do in between my usual work days. I have this thing where I just have to write down and record things to remember, and blogging has become a quick and fun way to do this. The blog name has evolved into my love for all things cozy: whether it's clean sheets in a comfy bed or a snug evening-in with some white wine and veggie appetizers; I live for the hygge lifestyle!
I live at home with my family and 3 cats in Canada while currently saving up for a place with my boyfriend. When I'm not confined to an office chair, I love hanging with the girls, thrift shopping, learning a new Beatles tune on the piano (or guitar!) and volunteering at our local pet shelter. 
A Cozy Space will feature snippets of my life, thoughts, stories, and photographs. Maybe the occasional rant, too. Keep it real, you know? :-) 


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy                                                                                   :-)

ღ Lor

A Few More Rando Facts About Me: 

  • I'm a total homebody. I love staying in and having quiet nights of pure, cozy bliss.
  • I'm nostalgic as they get. I treasure sweet memories and have over 20 journals I wrote in from my adolescence to early adult years.
  • Coffee will always be better than tea in my books! But I like me some good tea too: my favourites are peppermint, honey and vanilla, and chamomile
  • Legally Blonde is my favourite movie. Elle Woods for President!
  • I'm a "partial" vegetarian: no meat, and the occasional seafood only if there's nothing else. Otherwise, I do my best to avoid that too. 
  • I love the Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Colbie Colliat. My love for overall classic rock came from my good ol' pops. 
  • My boyfriend and I have known each other since the second grade. We grew up together, went to the same high school, and hung out with a similar group of people. We didn't start dating until the end of university. 
  • My birthday is on "4/20" - yet I'm a total wine-o. White wine is my favourite. 
  • Overall - I hate winter here in Canada! Winter is beautiful during the holidays, but it starts to get really cold in the months to follow. I get cold very easily and dream of being a snowbird.  
  • The O.C. is still my all-time favourite show and I'll never get over the fact that it got cancelled! 
  • I used to be a school secretary. I look more for security and a life balance in a job, and I thought working in a school was the most ideal, with holidays and summers off - but the job wasn't for me in the end. Maybe one day in the future.  
  • I love to take evening walks and do yoga as a way to de-stress. 
  • My favourite book to date is "John" by Cynthia Lennon. 

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