New Year's Eve!

It's hard to believe today is the last day of 2014. Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!! :D As I look back on 2014, there were some good things and not so good things that took place.

I got my driver's license after procrastinating for years.


I quit my grocery store job after eight years.


I landed a career job and kept my old job for flexible part-time hours (so grateful!)


I lost my uncle in January due to MS Syndrome.


I went to Chicago.


Went to Medevil Times for the first time.


Spent time with my new cousin, Brittany.


And hey, I started this blog on July 15th!


Goals for 2015

I actually haven't made a New Year's resolution in years. For me personally, I found I was always making little goals for myself throughout the year that there didn't seem to be any point. And it's still something I continue working on! I prefer to call them goals as opposed to resolutions. For instance, I always make the time to work-out at home, so that was never an immediate "resolution" I needed to make. I've been working-out at home since I was 16 and it's something I've managed to keep up since. This then gave me the idea to add my new tab called Lifestyle which will soon feature some of my work-out techniques and just some simple tips I use to stay in shape and maintain a healthy diet without ever having to go to the gym!

Some of my goals for 2015 include:

1.) Driving by myself. Despite the fact that I'm 26, my mom is still uncomfortable with me driving alone. I'm itching for that independence!

2.) Trying Yoga. I've wanted to try yoga for the longest time now! I have a few friends who say it's great and are willing to take me to a class to see what I think.

3.) Healthier Food Choices I actually find the older I'm getting, the more I'm craving healthier foods and fresh greens. It's like my body just craves it now! And I always feel so much better after I've eaten a healthy salad or mouthwatering wrap as opposed to a heavy-hamburger (and don't get me wrong, I love burgers!).

4.) Less Coffee, More Tea I don't even know if this is physically possible for me just yet, but as I've mentioned above I find myself craving a more subtle, warm drink in my evenings as opposed to a strong espresso. Espresso is my go-to saviour in the mornings but for the rest of the day, I'll just drink coffee out of habit. I've found more teas I enjoy now like green tea, herbal tea, honey lemon and peppermint tea.

5.) Procrastinate Less Again -- possible? Who knows! One can dream ;)

6.) Living Your Life, Not Someone Else's My family means well, but they have a hard time letting go and giving their first born child the independence she so desperately craves. I am slowly learning to do things for me and trying to be patient along the way (believe me, it ain't easy!) while also trying not to worry about what others will think or say. You can't please everyone, all you can do is be you :)

7.)Angry Less Again, is this possible? Lol I definitely can get easily irritated and let my anger take the best of me. I'm working on minimizing this. No easy task, let me tell you lol but I know it's something I can improve on over time.

I'm sure there's a few more I've forgotten but this is the gist of it more or less. Will these goals suffice? I would say for some, a definite yes and others are more questionable, lol but they are things I am always willing to work on. Do you have any New Year's resolutions? Anyone attending any fun New Year's parties??


I wish you all a very Happy New Year tonight in your celebrations! :D Happy 2015!!!(Source)