Cozy Finds: Forever 21 Sweater Dress & a Lovely, Floral Scarf

Lately I've been taking advantage of some of the great sales that have been going post-Christmas season, especially in one of my favourite stores, Forever 21! After some shopping sprees, I made two favourite, cozy purchases in particular: a grey sweater dress and a lovely spring-like floral scarf.

This sweater dress ($13) will definitely become a quick favourite of mine! It's long, fitted, super warm and just the right amount of casual for either a cozy night in or an afternoon out for a cup of coffee.


The great thing about this too is you can easily accessorize with a real splash of bright colour -- cue the scarf!


I immediately fell in love with this scarf when I spotted it ($12). There's nothing I love more than my favourite, spring colours like mint green and light pinks for a beautiful floral design.


It's extremely soft against your skin too! It's almost like wearing a little fluffy pillow around your neck... :D


...with a touch of classy, feminine chic.


The two together make for a super comfy and stylish outfit!

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