Creating A 'Zenful' Space

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

Well, as I tweeted this morning, there's nothing that says 'Happy Friday' more than running for your bus and missing it by mere footsteps. Unfortunately, that happened to me this morning and it didn't put such a positive spin on things.

But then I let my coworker know I was going to be running a bit late this morning (due to an impatient driver, it seems) and she was nice enough to pick me up from a stop near my work (so I wouldn't have to endure a long walk in the chilly wind). Interesting how sometimes things come full circle?

In that case, I thought this image seemed appropriate for a (hopefully!) more zenful start to the weekend.


I posted this photo to my Instagram earlier this week and every time I look at it, I just feel more at ease.

There is a flickering LED candle in that lovely bowl / candle holder. I found the faux candle at the dollar store and as much as I love real candles (especially scented ones!), sometimes it relaxes me more to know I can just switch on a pretend one and leave the room without having to worry about one of the cats jumping up on the table and potentially setting the whole house on fire (I know that's a bit of an exaggeration...). That dainty-looking bowl / candle holder was collecting dust in my mother's room so I cleaned it off and added some seashells my Nonna gave me years ago to give off a nice, relaxing touch.

I got that charming little plant in the centre from Canadian Tire (I needed some greenery and reminder of spring coming in this tundra!) and on the far right is actually a small humidifier! At one of my jobs this week, a coworker had this interesting little object sitting on her desk and it was puffing out some visible mist. She got it as a Christmas present and was receiving compliments on it from everybody! I was immediately intrigued and did my research.

It's called the Bell Howell Personal Water Bottle Humidifier, also from Canadian Tire! You just insert a water bottle (it can be tap water too!), switch the power button on and -- ta-da! -- you will have a relaxing, dreamy sort of mist whisking out. There's a minimum and maximum setting too so you can choose how much moisture you would like to add to a smaller desk area. My only critique would be it slightly makes a bit of noise, sort of similar to a small refrigerator or air conditioner. Otherwise though, I love it!

I'm having some trouble now uploading a few recent photos to the computer so I'll take it as my cue to end off for a short, Friday entry.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing evening! Does anybody have any cool plans??