Mondays: A Morning In The Life Of Erin Lucas

 Happy Monday, everyone! :) (is it "happy?" lol...)Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope you were able to have some fun mixed in with a bit of relaxation time (let's face it -- we could all use a bit of that!)

I've been so crazy busy lately that I haven't had a chance to write proper updates, much less upload some photos! I definitely have some ideas for posts, but it's just a matter of getting around to it.

For today I thought I would leave you with the following YouTube video of the lovely, Erin Lucas!

TheCity15 (Source)

Erin played a role in season 1, part 1 of MTV's The City (starring Whitney Port) and she has been a "woman crush" of mine ever since! I love her sense of style, her humour and her sweet but funky personality that was portrayed on the show at the time. She was the main reason why I watched the City so I was sad to see her go when part 2 rolled around.

Did I mention her dad is also the bass player of AC/DC -- Cliff Williams? (She changed her last name to separate the attention of her dad).

I love this short video of her, not only because I adore her so much - but I want to write a post soon on my daily routine in the mornings to go under the Lifestyle tab - and I love the way she did this one for herself!

Hope you all stay caffeiented (and awake!) on this chilly Monday!