Winter Beerfest & The Super Bowl

Over the weekend, Brian and I along with our friends headed downtown to the Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival at the Steam Whistle Brewing. IMAG1062


The first 500 people in line got these awesome free toques. Not only were they very stylish, but very warm too!:

10940458_10203488988819134_6116107238837434205_n (Source)


They had a few of these adorable St. Bernard dogs prowling the site. The bucket-collars really were the cherry on top!:


My favourite beer was definitely the Thornbury Apple Cider! They served you a steaming glass of warm, apple cider -- that obviously had a kick of beer in it. You wouldn't even know it! It was the absolute perfect beverage on a chilly but crisp day in the city. I highly recommend it! In fact, here's a link to the recipe of their Cinnamon Dolce Cider.

Thornbury_CiderRecipe2-350x350 (Source)

The next day, we had our Super Bowl celebrations, or -- "Superb Owl" -- as we called it. Everyone brought plenty of food and we even had a little poll going on (which I severely lost at!).


Libby made these delicious cupcakes ~ Blueberry-Bacon-Pancake Cupcakes! (they tasted exactly as they sounded):

10424324_10203494723242491_7636626579129789901_n (Source)

Some of our friends found fun Super Bowl activities and questionnaires on the internet. They combined all the multiple choice questions and made the "Superb Owl XLIX Prop Bets" quiz.


The winner got this (it was also full of money ;) ):


Katy Perry's half time performance:


We had multiple choice questions on our Prop Bets Quiz like "What colour would her hair be?" "What kind of outfit would she be wearing?" and "Would 'Roar' be her first song?"


I highly recommend the Winter Beerfest! (we actually liked it better than the summer one -- there's just not as many food options this time around). And throwing a fun Super Bowl party with your friends is always a good idea ;) Even if you're not quite into it or really don't know what's going on... let alone the teams....(like, it's still a fun excuse to get together, eat food and hey - you might even win some money in a poll! (not my luck, though).

Happy midweek! :)