Lifestyle: Health Motivations For The Day + Lea Michele's Book

Here's a yummy, healthy dinner I had the other night:


Baked potatoes (sprinkled with some thyme and butter!), cooked green beans and some veggies mixed in a dressing. Topped with a bit of peach juice, as can briefly be seen in the corner!


As part of my background reading, I've been really enjoying Lea Michele's Brunette Ambition. At first, I thought it was a novel / autobiography. Then I thought it was a cook book. But once I bought it and started going through it, I realized it was a combination of them all! She talks about her early life in acting, making it the spotlight, and then will jump into her favourite recipes, how she styles herself and some advice on leading a healthy lifestyle. It's like a blog in a book form with plenty of beautiful photographs included! I absolutely love it so far and whenever I have some energy and free time in the evenings, it's been my go-to for relaxing reading and picking up some great tips. It's definitely a great motivator in trying to better improve your health and life!

Those lovely nature mix nuts are my attempt to show how I was trying to choose a healthy snack for a little evening bite rather than the classic potato chips that I love so much. Just picked up from the local dollar store!

I hope you're all having a nice Tuesday :) (hey, at least the sun is shining!) ~~ This post has been added to the Lifestyle tab.