Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy lovely Saturday, long weekend, and Valentine's Day today!! <3 I hope you all get a chance to eat some tasty chocolate, fiery cinnamon hearts, and maybe share a nice glass of wine. I woke up to this nice scene on our kitchen table: I love that my family gets into it! As kids, my parents were always surprising my sister and I with some chocolates and cute Valentine's Day cards.


As I wait for Brian to finish work today, I am going to take some total me time :) - get a workout over with, maybe watch some sappy movies and Valentine's episodes from the OC or Friends. I might even head to the library in a bit with my mom to get a new a book. Overall, just like any other Saturday -- except I do plan to incorporate some red and pink into my wardrobe today! I'll also be listening to a lot of this guy:

Paul McCartney ~ Kisses on the BottomIMAG1308

Naturally, I love his song My Valentine that he wrote for his wife, Nancy. It's a very sweet melody! The music video is even more interesting with features from Natalie Portman and Johhny Depp.


I'll write a proper post on my Valentine's preparations and crafts that I used in the near future (right now, it's still a surprise to be shown so I have to hold off on the posting for now!) But here's a little sneak peek! (as can also be seen on my Instagram). I finished some fun, festive baking this morning!


Wishing you all wonderful days full of love and kindness - and an even better, relaxing weekend! <3 :)