Happy Friday: Friday the 13th! & Experimenting With New Blog Layouts

Happy Friday the 13th, guys! That's two in a row! I'm hearing we won't have our next one until November so if you're extra superstitious, keep some garlic close at bay, throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder, and steer clear of ladders ;)

You may have noticed that I got a new blog design! I started off 'Lovely & Cozy' with the popular Adelle Theme and as much as I loved it, I needed a change. Right now, I'm using the Forever Theme (but this could change too? I'll see!). The thing I like about this template is the title is now centered, has a nice font to it, and it's blue! With the free Wordpress themes, you don't really have much control on customizing the title, and that was the one thing I really didn't like about the Adelle theme: the title was off to the side, all in caps and black font.


I even went to the fabulous free site picmonkey.com and tried to make my own customized title using it as the header:


Even though it was lovely, I still wasn't 100% satisfied. And so, instead of stashing out the wallet for a premium plan theme or purchasing one from elsewhere, I decided to scroll through some of the free ones offered before I found this one. I added a light pink, water-coloured polka dot background and voilà! (I absolutely love anything water colour).

What do you guys think? Did you prefer the Adelle theme or open to this 'Forever' one? :) I think for the time-being, I'm gonna keep it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Who else will be starting some pre-St. Paddy's Day plans?! ~~ 57d6b555adc28ade4d6f86094cb4a9ce