Happy Friday: First Day of Spring & Cuba-Bound

Happy Friday and happy official first day of Spring!! Even though we may still get some winter-like weather here and there, I'd like to think the worst is behind us! (hope I didn't just jinx that). I loved the Google title today too to help celebrate:



Spring is finally here, yet this weekend, I'm headed to Cuba! Believe me when I say that the timing couldn't be more perfect. I'm excited more than anything to get away, be in some warm weather for the week, and not have any responsibilities to cater to. I'm also really looking forward to a break from technology. Have you ever taken some time away from the techy-gadgets? I've actually laid low from things like Instagram and Facebook these past couple of days and it's amazing how refreshed a person can feel. While I'm away, I plan on having limited Internet access just to keep in touch with Brian and show a few photos to some friends. Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to the break from my day-to-day routines. If I manage to share some photos throughout the week, I'll post what I can. And if not - I'll be in touch in just a little over a week!

Have a wonderful weekend and week! And enjoy these first signs of Spring :D