First Signs of Spring

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. Ours was lovely except yesterday on Easter Monday, I was feeling utterly run-down and my body ached every where for some reason. I spent the majority of the day on the couch with some Neocitran handy, unable to move much. It wasn't how I would have chosen to spend my extra day off especially with the nice day we had. But I did manage to push myself to spend some time with Brian before he headed off to work that night and we caught the beginning of the Blue Jays opening game in New York.


This was the weather yesterday. It was still a bit on the chiller side but the sun definitely helped warm things up.


 These guys are slowly but surely coming into bloom! In the summer time, they grow so tall.


My mom added these logs a couple of years ago to kind of help frame the plants growing here. I love the moss starting to grow on them!


 Lenny seemed to like them too.


It's hard to tell from this attempted-selfie, but I'm sporting my Jays sweater Brian got me last year for the starting of the season!


The front part of our house looked all nice and Springy too. Ringa was loving it!



And then the game started (just to note: they won 6-1 :) )


For lunch, Brian made a tasty pasta and clams spaghetti with a fresh garden salad.



I had to quickly snap a picture of these - Brian's Aunt Teresa made this yummy Easter treat using coconut macaroons and stuffed them with egg jelly beans. She is always so creative in the kitchen! I can only dream to be like that one day.


I hope everyone has a nice week! I'm already ready for the weekend again... ;)