Happy Friday: Searching for a Costume, a Post Season Game & Elle Cuisine Celebrates 5 Years

Happy sunny, cool Friday! I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far and can look forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. As you might have seen from the previous posts this week, it's been a bit of a hectic, but extremely exciting one; Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr both visited the city within just a few days of each other! I was half hoping maybe they would surprise us and perform together at one of their concerts (no cigar) but what a thrill it was!


There were some extra photos on my phone that I didn't add in last week, so I'll share them today. Hope you enjoy today's Happy Friday!

A Pumpkin, Fall Sights & Searching for a Costume

Last weekend, I finally got around to buying a pumpkin for our front porch. Eighty-seven cents each at the local grocery store? Can't go wrong!

Waiting in front of Brian's house and I snapped a photo of the beautiful fallen leaves scattered about.

I notice everyone takes a "selfie" of themselves while waiting in the car. Now that I have a vehicle to drive around with, I hopped on the bandwagon.

A cute little porch with tiny pumpkins and a Blue Jays logo on the front door. I love seeing the continued spirit around the city!

I also tried my first ever pumpkin spice muffin from Tim Hortons. I thought it tasted more like their regular carrot muffins, but still a great treat on a chilly, grey day.

Last week, I was working in an area near the famous St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto.

The Flat Iron Building (or properly known as the Gooderham Building).

I've also been keeping my eyes open for a Halloween costume. The other week I headed to a local Value Village to scope out some of their selection. They had some really interesting and creative ones.

Like this hot-dog one!


And Mrs. Banana... in a way, I wish I found this costume last year when Brian dressed up as "Mr. Banana."

A local Michaels store recently opened in the area too.

I had no intentions of buying anything and had fun just looking around at all their awesome décor and crafts.

If I had my own place, you can bet these would be making an appearance every season!

Remember how I mentioned I'd been looking for a little pumpkin dish to store candy? I finally found one the other week from Crate and Barrel.

It's a little bigger than I envisioned, but it just means I can store more goodies :) Apparently these things are very popular: there were only three left in the store with no more coming in. I'm glad I managed to snatch one of these up.


Another day, I was working in Little Italy, Toronto. In fact, I was walking down fellow blogger, Amanda's old street and immediately recognized the red maple tree she always took pictures of in the fall.

Taking a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods Park.

A Jays Post Season Game

I honestly thought I was done my fair share of baseball games this season. But when my friend Libby asked me to a rare playoff game, I couldn't say no!

The atmosphere in the stadium was incredible. Everyone was so riled up, constantly waving around their rally towels.

It was great being able to go to the Home Opener with Libby and now finishing it off with a winning post season game.

Elle Cuisine Celebrates 5 Years 

Earlier this week, our friend Natalie invited us to a work event at Elle Cuisine to celebrate five years of their success.

The event featured lots of yummy meals, finger foods and an open bar - all complimentary! I tried to get a better picture of this cool cupcake tower but I was standing in line with my bag in one hand and a drink in the other; it was a hard balancing act!

The popular "ping-pong" bar known as Spin was a sponsor and provided a couple of ping-pong tables (some of you may recognize Spin from the movie The F Word, starring Daniel Radcliffe).

Lots of comfy seating areas.

After the baseball game, they played Back to the Future for Back to the Future Day.

The place had a great rooftop too with an even better view of the city.

A great shot of Queen Street!


This calls for a group shot.

It's been such a busy week that this weekend, I can't wait to curl up on the couch, maybe sip on some wine and I'm really liking the idea of baking some Pilsbury Halloween cookies. What do you guys think?


Have a great weekend! Do you have any plans lined up?