Adult Colouring

Have you heard of this new fab that's sweeping book stores every where?

Adult colouring books!

I first heard of this trend at Brian's house in the summer. His mom totally got into it - and now she's gotten the rest of us into it, too!

I thought it was all a bit of a joke...until I walked into our local book store. Now they're everywhere!

And you know what? They work! It's a great stress reliever and really keeps your mind focused on something else for awhile while still being creative. I've always loved to draw and use lots of colour, so this is right up my ally.

The other day when Brian came by, him and his mom surprised me with this specific colouring book they picked up.

They knew I would love it! Flipping through the pages and I couldn't wait to get to work. While relaxing on Sunday with the TV on in the background, I found myself wrapped up in the Harry Potter world.

There's also a few photographs at the back of the booklet, which are great for some guidance and inspiration.

Have you gotten into this trend? Let me know your thoughts!