My Blogging World vs. My Real Life

It's no secret by now that I love to blog and love to share my favourite simple, cozy-life moments. But where do I draw the line between what my blogging world portrays as opposed to what actually goes on behind the computer screen?


For the most part, I try to keep my blog as a happy, pleasant place to be. But we all know real life isn't always a breezy walk in in the park! And so, I feel I owe you guys, my devoted readers and followers, a little dose of the reality that goes on behind Lor of A Cozy Space. Hope you enjoy and maybe can relate a little! :)

The 'Blogging Lor' vs. 'Reality Lor' 

When it comes to the "blogging me", and the "real life me", I have to admit that I feel slightly like two different people. For instance, I portray the "blogging me" as something like this:


And the "real life me" as something like this:



For those who may remember, my blog used to be called 'Lovely and Cozy' (a beautiful name, I always thought!) But I changed it because as you can see by the two above images, when it came to my 'reality' I hardly felt lovely ;) Sure, I love things that are lovely, like flowers, scented candles and light pastel colours. But the truth is: I'm a bit of a pure goof at heart :) I'm sarcastic a lotta the times, have trouble taking things in the professional world more seriously than I probably should, and maybe just overall haven't quite matured up like I'm supposed to? All in all though, I think it all suits me just fine. ;)

Sometimes, I find blogging a bit frustrating.


Don't get me wrong - I love blogging! Of course. The frustrating bits usually happen when I'm struggling to get nice photographs (mainly due to lighting or my crummy camera-phone) or feeling stumped about a post. It takes effort and concentration for me to produce a post I feel content publishing. The reality is though - I'm often feeling overwhelmed by background noise that throws me off course a bit. Stick me in a completely quiet room for an hour or two, and I'm sure I'd be amazed at what I could get done! (A girl can dream, right?)

I love posting about the seasons - but hate the cold!


^^ I may not look like it based on this picture, but I'm not much of a winter gal! 

I think the title speaks for itself: one of the things I love about being a Canadian blogger, is I get to share the sights of the different seasons. I love that, and I love reading other people's posts on this too! But in all honesty: I'm not a big winter person. At all, in fact! Sure, it's absolutely lovely to look at from the inside and I love the feels of the first snowfall. The fact is though, winter is much too long here in Canada-Land! And I cannot stand the cold. I'm convinced I have some sort of circulation dysfunction that causes my body to feel colder than others! If I can choose an afternoon to be out and about in the freezing cold of the snow or being tucked away under the warm covers - I will take the latter any day ;)

I'm more of an introvert than I let on (preferring my cats next to most strangers!)


I know, this probably sounds horrible of me! But it's a reality I've come to accept. It goes without saying that I love certain individuals: my friends, my family, Brian, Paul McCartney - and my fellow bloggers, of course! And I'm always open to making new friends: more the merrier, I always say! But people in big heaps that are strangers to me? I get intimidated and often prefer staying in the background. Toss me a cat any day and you'll see a true happy me ;)

I enjoy my wine. But my wine doesn't always enjoy me. 


I can't exactly count the number of times I've written on the blog about how much I enjoy my glass of wine on a Saturday night. (To give you an idea, type "wine" into the search bar and see what pops up!) After a long work week, there's nothing I quite enjoy more. Most of the times, I'm good when I enjoy my drink. I think I've learned since my student days of heavy binge drinking what works for me and what doesn't.


Sometimes though - I slide a bit:

I've been known to leave a room if we have friends over or Brian and I are hanging out, only to be found fast asleep in my bed without warning. It happened this night when we had friends over for a board game night.

Most times, I get more happy as I indulge but the odd time, if something unpleasant is triggered, it's best just to change the subject before I get too worked up over nothing! Not always my proudest moments, I admit (I blame it on my European background!)


Another time last year after a ladies' night out, I mistakenly got into a vehicle on my way home thinking it was a cab. Well - it wasn't! The gentleman in fact, was a perfectly nice father waiting to pick up his daughter at the subway station. When he found out I lived just down the street from him, he offered to give me a lift anyway. I recall babbling onto the father and his daughter, laughing at my whole, big mistake, and then tossing him a $20 dollar bill when I was dropped off.

The next day, the father came by my house -- returning a pair of gloves I left in his van. To say I was embarrassed when greeting him at the door, was the understatement of the year. After he left (I think his name was Peter?), I discovered he returned the $20 bill packed away in the gloves. To this day, I am still far too embarrassed to walk down their street! But am forever grateful for his act of a great Samaritan. Apparently, it makes for an entertaining story these days among my friends too... moving on... :)

The Relationships I Share on the Blog


Me and Brian: what you see, is pretty much real life; we get along quite well! Not to say we don't have our odd riff here and there like most people, but we learn to work through them quickly and it's forgotten in almost an instant. The truth is, we just really respect one another and enjoy each other's company.


My family: my sister and I are pretty much best friends. We get along great, but also know how to push the other one's buttons. The good thing though is these riffs never usually last too long and we go right back to being buds. Most days, I honestly don't know what I'd do without her! As for parents! - ;) - in all honesty, we get along too. Of course we bicker from time-to-time, clash with one another, and will have some heated debates (some more heated than others!) But at the end of the day, we also couldn't be more supportive of each other: my dad and I share the same love for classic rock and music, and my mom and I like to shop and get pedicures together. No matter how you slice it, they always have our best interests at heart.

Friends: friendship has always been something I've truly valued growing up. I'm so grateful to have people in my life who treat me well, make me laugh, and know how to have a good time. Through the years, my friendships have evolved, and I've made new friends, lost some, drifted apart and grown closer to others. It's all been one big learning experience, as I'm sure a lot of you can relate with! The friendships and "peeps" I share on the blog always ring true to home.

I'm all about "living the good life" (not living for work!) 


I totally get we all have to work! And probably most of us aren't that crazy about it - I'm definitely one of them! Not to say I haven't enjoyed jobs before, but I just never faniced the fuss and demands that comes with the day-to-day working life. Eight hours a day, for five days a week?? It's a little extreme, whoever thought of that! (I'm all for three day weekends!) Maybe I just need to find something I'm more interested in... but I've always found the "work life" to be too demanding on our bodies and soul. I believe it's all about balance! And it would be nice if learning to nurture or bodies and taking the time to nourish ourselves was instilled more into the working environment as opposed to always having to meet deadlines or answering to the big guy. That's just me though :)

I stress just as much as the next person. 

Image (6) 389437_10150507258365127_2014159370_n.jpg for post 6499

^^ Not actually stressing in this photo, as I'm drawing! But I thought it seemed the most relatable!

Yoga 101 will tell you to live in the moment, don't stress about the future, ride the tide, etc. I'm all for that lifestyle! But the truth is, I've always been a little bit of a worry wart. Most of the times, I think I come off calm, cool and collected (at least, I've been told so at work!) and I try to portray the same thing in my blog. It's what helps keep me balanced and focused. In a fast paced world and changing economical times though, it can be difficult to keep your cool. A lot of the times, I find myself easily feeling overwhelmed, paranoid, and even quite irritable from time-to-time (poor Brian sees this side of me the most!) So however "cheery" or positive I may come off in my blog - it's genuinely because I am happy to be blogging and want to create a pleasant atmosphere. But I also could very well be feeling completely complacent or distracted by something else unrelated in the moment. On the overall, I do my best to create the coziest, warmest space on the blog as possible, both for myself and readers, and that's what I hope comes through the most!

I really, really love my quiet time!  


Hands down, my favourite way to relax and de-stress is to put my phone down, switch it to silent, and log out of any social media apps for awhile. Sometimes, I feel so bombarded with Facebook notifications or Instagram updates and just need a break from it all. At times, it may look like on the blog that I'm constantly out running errands with friends or attending birthday parties (back during the holidays, there was literally a time period where people were celebrating birthdays every weekend!) In other words: when it rains, it pours! But trust me when I say that there's nothing I love more than having time to myself. It's how I rejuvenate and bring clarity back into my life, so that when I do go back to answer Facebook messages or make plans to grab coffee with a friend, I feel recharged and ready to jump back into the social world!

I hope this gave you a bit more of a "realistic" approach as to what actually goes on in my day-to-day life behind A Cozy Space! I wrote this piece because I wanted to come off more relatable to my fellow readers and bloggers, and I hope I was able to portray that a bit!


If any of you have any more questions or are just genuinely curious about other areas in my life, feel free to contact me and / or leave your questions in the comments! :)

Hope everyone's been having a marvellous Wednesday!