TGIF: Celebrating with Friends

Happy Friday, everyone! After what felt like a looong, hectic week, I'm loving nothing more than putting my feet up for a bit and catching up on some ol' blogging. There's still a few things I wanna write about -- including, part 2 and 3 of our Florida trip! (You can read part 1 here). I promise, it will all come together!! On today's post, I'll be sharing the remaining part of my birthday celebrations.

Last week was my 28th birthday, and last weekend I finally got to celebrate with some friends. I kept things fairly on the DL last year with my birthday, but for some reason this year, I felt like going all out! I invited everyone and anyone I could think of to come out for a night out (I even made a Facebook event for it!) Like always, first I had people over for a pre-drink and some socializing. I got some snacks out and extra drinks to set-up.


From here, it was all about the socializing with friends as they came in one-by-one, and getting some pictures in. Here, with my gal-pals, Michelle and Christina.


And taking some yummy birthday tequila shots! Lol, with Michelle, Julia (making the funny face in the middle) and Kristy.


We were getting to ready to head to the bar at this point in the night, but first: a group picture was called to order! We were all gathering in the hallway.


Brian said to me afterwards that at this point on, I was all smiles; I didn't stop! Nothing makes me happier.


Getting some before candid photos in there!


Take 1!


And Take 2!


We finally made it to the bar! Which was just a good old fashioned Irish pub at St. George station. This place even had Jenga! (as well as Cards Against Humanity).


The rest of my friends met us at the bar. Here I am with Tiffany and Daniel. Tiffany and I grew up together in school, and Daniel I met through mutual friends at university. Tiffany and Daniel met while in university together, and we discovered we all knew each other later on. Small world!


With some of my old work friends, Julius and Kristy. Oh, those days back in the grocery store... 

With Ross, Arica, and Jason.


Ross was another mutual friend from university.


And Arica was in my program at university.


Even still, I didn't get birthday pictures with all the people I wanted to.


Nothing makes me happier than having friends together under one roof; my 28th birthday felt more like my 30th birthday with the awesome turn-out! I can't thank everyone enough! Right now, I'm kind of wishing it was last weekend so I can do it all over again.


Wishing everyone a nice weekend!!