A Gatsby Garden Party

I had this post written up in July and completely forgot to hit "Publish!" I found it just recently in my Drafts and well, - here you go!!  

Back in June, a couple of girlfriends and I attended a Gatsby Garden Party at the Spadina Museum House just outside of the city. We all went in search of our "best" 1920s-type gear, from frilly dresses to beady necklaces to hair accessories. 


Like most of our summer this year, the weather started off...well, simply terrible that day! Right as we were about to head out the door, a huge thunderstorm broke out; thunder, lightening, and high winds. We waited it out a bit, taking plenty of photos, until finally it cleared up a bit. 

Andrea and I went for a more "daytime" look, while Miche and Christina rocked the nighttime glam:



There was an awesome live band playing 1920s-inspired tunes, croquet, and even a fun old-fashioned photo booth where we posed for would-be mug shots. In fact, the entire setting of the Spadina Museum looked like something straight out of Fitgerald's novel or a beautiful vintage wedding. You could find a quaint little spot to pose on your own or find a lovely backdrop for a group of people. It's no wonder someone thought a 1920s garden party would seem fit! As you can see, we went overboard and had fun taking a bunch of photos pretending we were all flapper girls living a glamorous lifestyle (who says you only have to dress up at Halloween??) 

We loved that they provided free dancing lessons, too! Andrea and Christina gave it a go, swaying to the jazzy tunes and picking up some popular "moves" from that time. 


We all such a great time and would love to try going again next year. Recommended in our books! 

To read more about Toronto's Gatsby Garden Party or for ordering tickets for a later date, be sure to visit their website here